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How to become a Clinical Psychologist?

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How can I become a clinical psychologist in Malaysia?

There are different pathways to becoming a clinical psychologist, though a master's is the minimum requirement to enter the field. If you are looking to practice general psychological therapy, you may choose to study clinical psychology basics. Some select a specialty and continue their education with a specific focus. In order to advance to the top of the industry or prepare for private practice, a PhD or PsychD is recommended. Internships and/or practicums are strongly advised for psychology students while completing their degree.

Here are some guidelines of entering the clinical psychology workforce. Choose the stage that best matches your own situation:

I'm an Undergraduate or Have Completed My Undergraduate:

  • Consider a specialty. Seek out a niche in the field if you have settled on clinical psychology. Meet with professors in your school who are working in your area of interest. Grad schools are impressed if you are already thinking about your thesis at this stage in the game.

  • Get reference letters. Keep in contact with a few professors by going to office hours, participating in class and making an effort to distinguish yourself. Building networking skills now may secure your admission later.

  • Choose a graduate school. Select a school well-known for its clinical psychology alumni network and career placement services.

I'm Pursuing a Graduate Degree:

  • Come up with a thesis. The framework of your early career starts here. Hopefully you've pinned down your research subject, but if not, quickly identify your topic at this stage. Consult your professors to help transform a broad idea into a more focused hypothesis.

  • Find an internship. Apply for an internship before you graduate so that you can be working while in school. The right internship could lead to a job immediately after school and provide further networking opportunities to build your resume.

  • Network with professors and professionals in the field. Networking is typically the most promising part of the job search. Seek out your school's career services staff to build your interview skills. Strong networking and interview knowhow will serve you well when applying for jobs.

Already a Clinical Psychologist?:

  • Refine your resume and keep it current. 

  • Start sending out job applications.

  • Prepare for interviews.


  • Remember to register with MSCP!

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Do I need to be licensed or registered to practise as a psychologist in Malaysia?

Registration with MSCP means that your training is acknowledged, and that the MSCP would be able to endorse you. At present, clinical psychologists in Malaysia need to abide by the Allied Health Professions Act 2016. You can download the Act here or go to

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