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Thank you, & Welcome!

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Hi there everyone!

And so ends our 11th AGM almost a week ago. It was a groundbreaking one, with it being a fully online AGM, and an election year as well. The events team pulled off a miracle, as they seamlessly carried out the election through a potent mixture of grit, determination, an amazing prowess at Google forms, and a surprising amount of coffee (I counted!). But pull it of they did, and we owe them the biggest of thank yous!

To the outgoing 2019/2020 committee, we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for the amazing work that you’ve done through the past two years. What has been a traditionally challenging role serving clinical psychologists in Malaysia, was compounded by the historic pandemic and the proceeding lockdowns. The outgoing committee made WhatsApp and Zoom their very best friends, as meetings were moved online to overcome the physical barriers of the lockdown. But the very best was made from a less than desirable situation, and I think the team celebrated many fantastic successes, and survived some hiccups along the way. Thank you!

And as we close this post, we would like to welcome the incoming 2021/2022 committee! The very best of luck to you in the dispensing of your duties for the years ahead. Thank you all for taking up the mandate, and we look forward to an even greater, and brighter year ahead!

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